26 December 2011

DESIGNER | Lindsay Walsh of Standing Armed

"standing armed is a melding of sophistication and ease with focus on classic, timeless pieces of the utmost quality. The line caters to the modern woman; elegant and feminine, its understated detail flatters the female form lending confidence and allowing personal style to reign."

Vancouver fashion designer Lindsay Walsh of Standing Armed launches new collection | granvilleonline.ca
"Standing Armed is Walsh’s debut collection for the mod sophisticate, proving that fine tailoring and natural materials are the secret to stealing the show at cocktail hour." ... [more]
"The Standing Armed Spring 2012 collection hung in the minimalist wood front room against a wall papered with shocking coral damask velvet. Walsh let me take a sneak-peek at next season’s gypsy-inspired dresses before we settled down to talk about her elegant Fall/Winter 2011 line and why she decided to take a go at becoming Vancouver’s next big designer." [more]

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