11 January 2012

PERSONAL STYLE | An Interview with Kristiana Vasarina


Fourthmode had the recent pleasure of interviewing Kristiana Vasarina, an 18 year old Latvian fashion blogger, who currently lives in Luxembourg, about her personal style. She blogs about "the most random things" though she tries "to stay focused" on personal style. At any moment of the day, over a dozen readers around the world can be found reading her blog. We wanted to find out just why and our answer is simple - she has a spontaneous and natural personal style that seems unaffected and effortless and continually develops.

4M | What is fashion to you?
KV | Fashion is nothing. I am not interested in fashion itself, I do not read fashion magazines or look at the new collections, in fact, I don't know what's in fashion right now. I am more interested in personal style, because everyone has their own, and it's a great way to express yourself without talking.

4M | How did you get started on fashion blogging? 
KV |  I became a fashion/lifestyle blogger almost 3 years ago, after I discovered Lookbook and slowly made my path to the world of blogs, it looked so interesting, and I learnt so much that I decided to try it myself too.
4M | What aspect of blogging is the most enjoyable?
KV |  I love seeing positive feedback! It really puts a smile on my face, when people like my blog and impatiently wait for my next posts :)
4M | What unexpected challenge have you faced as a blogger?
KV | It's hard for me to keep up with the pressure of consistent blogging, because it takes a lot of hard work (believe it or not), and at the same time I need to study for school and simply live my life.

4M | How would you describe your personal style?
KV | My style is very random. One day I'm girly, the next day I'm more grunge. It depends on my mood.

4M | Who is you inspiration?
KV | I don't really get inspiration, I simply try to put together my outfits from what I've got. However, if I had to choose someone whose style I really liked, that would definitely be Mary Kate!
4M | Who is your favorite designer or brand? What do you look for?
KV | My favorite brand is Topshop. I don't like to spend a lot of money for one item, therefore I usually shop on the high-street.
4M | What projects are in your future? A fashion-related career?
KV | I will attend a university in or near London, and study retail management, whilst, hopefully, working a part-time job at a fashion retailer to get more experience. I haven't planned anything further than that, but it's what I will do this year.

4M | What is good advice?
KV | My best fashion tip is wear something comfortable! No matter how nice your outfit looks, it won't be good if you'll have to keep readjusting everything every few minutes.

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